Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas Bunkies

Our friends at So Suzy Stamps have requested Christmas Bunkies, your wish is our delight!

We will have Christmas Bunkies available the last week of November and the first week of December.  Quantities will be limited.  This year we will be offering a new design as well as our beloved Craft Bunkie.  Our Buttoned Up Bunkie will be the same size,  (8" long x 7" high x 4"deep, strap drop is 6.5 ") as the Craft Bunkie but will have a flap and button closure.

These versatile little bags are wonderful for small knitting & crochet projects, hand sewing, embroidery and  rubber stamp supplies for classes, as well as project keepers.  I have one that I use for my travel sewing supplies, it's amazing how much these little bags can tote! 

Thanks for visiting, Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!
Denise and friends at Simply Charming Everyday

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank you So Suzy Stamps

As you can tell it has been quite a few years since our last blog post.  Life has been exciting and very busy here in Bunkieland.  Who knew that when she was created ( Bunkie is a she, because she does all & then some and makes it looks incredibly easy) that we would have weddings, grandbabies and new homes, graduations and all of the other things that life throws at us, so we let our Bunkie Blog take a long winter's nap.
 Singer did survive her breakdown with a little TLC from the incredible  Mulqueen in Mesa Arizona. Life is good. 

Miss Bunkie, or should it be Miss Bag?  I like Bunkie best.  Miss Bunkie has been busy helping Tippy aka Suzanne of  So Suzy Stamps  and her Card Making Divas tote their goodies to and from classes and Retreats for the past few years.  There have been Cupcake Bunkies, Girls on the Go Bunkies and Christmas in July Bunkies are coming up in July 2015! 

Simply Charming Everyday would like to thank Suzanne of Greetings From Suzanne and So Suzy Stamps for her love of Bunkie bags,and for sharing them with her Card Making Divas everywhere.

Our Bunkie bags are available at www.sosuzystamps.com.

Thanks for visiting us today, please come back again.
 Simply Charming Everyday

Love Bunkie #9

Hearts…Flowers…Candy, what’s not to love about Valentines Day? I remember when my girls were younger how much fun they had getting ready for their Valentines Day party at school, making the heart covered “mail boxes”, shopping for valentine cards and picking out the best ones for their special friends and of course a big one for the teacher. Cupcakes were made, little red and sliver kisses were attached to the envelopes of their valentine cards and then when the party was over, the fun they had reading the valentines that they received from their friends. It was all great fun; it made them feel special and loved. That is what I truly love about Valentines Day…it’s an opportunity to let others know how much you care and how special they are to you.

Now that my girls are in high school, valentine parties are a thing of the past. Still I love to make the day special for them and usually bake cupcakes topped with pink frosting and conversation hearts and get them a small gift of some sort. This year I have decided on picking up some of their favorite eye shadow, lip gloss, and of course the traditional “red and white xxoo socks”. Denise came up with a wonderful little Bunkie Bag which she christened “Love Bunkie #9”. Love Bunkie #9 is perfect to hold the gifts that I am picking up for them AND they will be able to use the bag as a little purse, or to carry their CD’s, their DVD’s, their IPod…and the list goes on and on and on! What a Simply Charming idea!

Wishing you all a Simply Charming Valentines Day!

My goodness How times Have Changed! this post was sitting waiting to be posted from 2009.  Enjoy!