Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas Bunkies

Our friends at So Suzy Stamps have requested Christmas Bunkies, your wish is our delight!

We will have Christmas Bunkies available the last week of November and the first week of December.  Quantities will be limited.  This year we will be offering a new design as well as our beloved Craft Bunkie.  Our Buttoned Up Bunkie will be the same size,  (8" long x 7" high x 4"deep, strap drop is 6.5 ") as the Craft Bunkie but will have a flap and button closure.

These versatile little bags are wonderful for small knitting & crochet projects, hand sewing, embroidery and  rubber stamp supplies for classes, as well as project keepers.  I have one that I use for my travel sewing supplies, it's amazing how much these little bags can tote! 

Thanks for visiting, Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!
Denise and friends at Simply Charming Everyday


DIANA L. said...

So cute

DIANA L. said...

So cute

Simply Charming said...

Thank you Diana L. for stopping by the Bunkie Blog! To see more Bunkie Bags please visit So Suzy Stamps.com Have a great September 2016!

Denise @simplycharmingeveryday on IG