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Coffee Love is True Love

The Fall Coffee Lovers Blog Hop is happening NOW!!

We love fall, the leaves are turning colors, we love that our little students are back in school, we love having a few quiet moments before the holidays are in Full Overdrive!  But ....

Coffee Love is a lot like fall, first you can smell the change in the air, it gives you a nice warm feeling knowing that cozy fires and snuggie visits with the ones you love are not too far away. It feels like a little personal holiday when you notice that your favorite barista has decorated your coffee, just for you. That first sip of Pumpkin Spice Coffee and all is right in your world.  Get comfy, grab your favorite coffee, tea or cocoa and Come Hop with us and see how others share their coffee love!

I'm sharing my love for the Fall Coffee Lovers Blog Hop by giving away a Junkie Bunkie and matching Misti Zip Bag made in this fabulous coffee fabric.

Please remember... Coffee is Simply Charming Everyday!
Hugs, Denise

I love BIG family parties!

There are only 2 words that describe the Family, 20,000+ family members, that has the best parties!
It is an honor to be part of such a fun, caring, talented and ever growing family! 
I am pleased to be gifting to a lucky winner a Junkie Bunkie and Misti Zip Bag made from my newest favorite fabric.  It is so much fun to see all of your crafting areas whether it is in one space or all over your house! Crafting cannot be controlled, we all know this, Bunkie and Junkie Bunkie are here to help you have everything you need at a moments notice!

 Hugs to all!! ( I figured it would take 10.5 hours to hug you all if I spent 3 seconds with each of you :) We know in reality it would take a lot longer than this because we Junkies love to visit!

Denise aka Mama

Stamp Junkies: Simply Charming Everyday!!