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The Death of a Friend

For the last several months, Denise has been feverishly working on Bunkie Bags. Bunkie Bags for the kids to use for their school books, Bunkie Bags for road trips, Bunkie Bags for Halloween, Bunkie Bags for new product lines, you name it, Denise has been up to her Bunkie armpits!

Then in mid handle her darling friend, her reliable confidante, her "dream maker" pooped out on her! That's right, her sacred Singer Sewing Machine took a turn for the worse. The very machine she used to stitch whales on the grandbabies blankets and genie pants for her Nicky Pie decided to take the plunge.

Calling out for a moment of silence from fellow Simply Charming Everyday friends; Laura and Tippy, Laura decided to give the eulogy for dear Singer.

We bowed our heads and shed a tear
For Singer had passed, this was our fear
Just when we thought she lost the will
A spark of life was present still

So drill in hand Denise went in
To let her die would be a sin
Her battle cry, to do or die,
Tame those fe…

Welcome to the Bunkie Blog!

What in the world is a Bunkie Blog? Better yet, what is a Bunkie? Quite simply, a Bunkie carries your life. A Bunkie holds dear the things you love most. A Bunkie helps ensure that you don't drop that jar of spaghetti sauce all over the parking lot when the store's plastic bag rips open. A Bunkie identifies with you AND your personality. A Bunkie goes everywhere you go, even across the Scottish Highlands. A Bunkie is what brings our dream to life.
The Bunkie Bag is the first product of Simply Charming Everyday, LLC and this is the story of our beginning. Come with us as we take you through the joys, the heartache, the laughter, the silliness and the Simply Charming Everyday moments of starting a dream AKA our company.
Have a Simply Charming Everyday!
Denise, Laura & Tippy :o)