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The Death of a Friend

For the last several months, Denise has been feverishly working on Bunkie Bags. Bunkie Bags for the kids to use for their school books, Bunkie Bags for road trips, Bunkie Bags for Halloween, Bunkie Bags for new product lines, you name it, Denise has been up to her Bunkie armpits!

Then in mid handle her darling friend, her reliable confidante, her "dream maker" pooped out on her! That's right, her sacred Singer Sewing Machine took a turn for the worse. The very machine she used to stitch whales on the grandbabies blankets and genie pants for her Nicky Pie decided to take the plunge.

Calling out for a moment of silence from fellow Simply Charming Everyday friends; Laura and Tippy, Laura decided to give the eulogy for dear Singer.

We bowed our heads and shed a tear
For Singer had passed, this was our fear
Just when we thought she lost the will
A spark of life was present still

So drill in hand Denise went in
To let her die would be a sin
Her battle cry, to do or die,
Tame those feed dogs, make them try
To push the cloth that’s all we ask
And off she went to perform the task

Now Singer’s fate is still unknown
The future we have not been shown
We can only hope that she will stay
To stitch us up another day.

Thank you, Laura. It was a fitting tribute to a much loved friend.


Danette said…
That poem was VERY touching. Or, did I mean touched? Well, it was incredibly creative. I'm in awe your poetic abilities, Laura. And I do understand, Denise, how traumatic it can be to lose such a good sidekick. Was that the same machine you used to sew quilts for Sugar N' Spice? Even if not, it has certainly worked it's little plastic parts to bits this time. Let's hope the repair folks can do something to fix it. :)

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