Friday, October 17, 2008

Welcome to the Bunkie Blog!

What in the world is a Bunkie Blog? Better yet, what is a Bunkie? Quite simply, a Bunkie carries your life. A Bunkie holds dear the things you love most. A Bunkie helps ensure that you don't drop that jar of spaghetti sauce all over the parking lot when the store's plastic bag rips open. A Bunkie identifies with you AND your personality. A Bunkie goes everywhere you go, even across the Scottish Highlands. A Bunkie is what brings our dream to life.

The Bunkie Bag is the first product of Simply Charming Everyday, LLC and this is the story of our beginning. Come with us as we take you through the joys, the heartache, the laughter, the silliness and the Simply Charming Everyday moments of starting a dream AKA our company.

Have a Simply Charming Everyday!

Denise, Laura & Tippy :o)

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Danette said...

I'm happy to say that my Bunkie Bag is very faithful. It waits by my front door, ready to go with me whenever I leave the house. It has hauled books to the library, held fruits and veggies at the Farmers Market, carried critiques for my writing group and helped haul mail to the post office. It has been wonderful and never voiced any complaints or come apart at the seams. No so my husband, who complains every time he has to haul it full of books. :) Really, everyone should have a Bunkie Bag Buddy. :)