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Do you Drink Alone or with a Friend?

Welcome to the 2017 Winter Coffee Lovers  Blog Hop!
This fabulous Pink & Grey Junkie Bunkie is from a collection called the Mad Hatters Tea Party, I love multi media cards and the fabric name of Tidings of Joy made it perfect for our Winter Hop giveaway.

Whether you drink alone or with a friend, t'is the perfect time of year for a cup of tea. 

I've always loved the thought of the quiet moments with a lovely cup of tea, whether it's with a great magazine or working on my Christmas shopping list with the fireplace flickering in the background and my favorite Christmas music quietly playing, it is simply charming. The mystic and aura of that cup of tea enchants.

Then reality pops in and it's December in Arizona, 85 degrees and the only tea I'll be drinking is with lots of ice on the back porch with a great Holiday Decorating magazine showing lots of snow and frolicking squirrels playing in the trees and fighting off mosquitoes. Maybe tomorrow we'll have a more…

Coffee Love is True Love

The Fall Coffee Lovers Blog Hop is happening NOW!!

We love fall, the leaves are turning colors, we love that our little students are back in school, we love having a few quiet moments before the holidays are in Full Overdrive!  But ....

Coffee Love is a lot like fall, first you can smell the change in the air, it gives you a nice warm feeling knowing that cozy fires and snuggie visits with the ones you love are not too far away. It feels like a little personal holiday when you notice that your favorite barista has decorated your coffee, just for you. That first sip of Pumpkin Spice Coffee and all is right in your world.  Get comfy, grab your favorite coffee, tea or cocoa and Come Hop with us and see how others share their coffee love!

I'm sharing my love for the Fall Coffee Lovers Blog Hop by giving away a Junkie Bunkie and matching Misti Zip Bag made in this fabulous coffee fabric.

Please remember... Coffee is Simply Charming Everyday!
Hugs, Denise

I love BIG family parties!

There are only 2 words that describe the Family, 20,000+ family members, that has the best parties!
It is an honor to be part of such a fun, caring, talented and ever growing family! 
I am pleased to be gifting to a lucky winner a Junkie Bunkie and Misti Zip Bag made from my newest favorite fabric.  It is so much fun to see all of your crafting areas whether it is in one space or all over your house! Crafting cannot be controlled, we all know this, Bunkie and Junkie Bunkie are here to help you have everything you need at a moments notice!

 Hugs to all!! ( I figured it would take 10.5 hours to hug you all if I spent 3 seconds with each of you :) We know in reality it would take a lot longer than this because we Junkies love to visit!

Denise aka Mama

Stamp Junkies: Simply Charming Everyday!!

Beans Gone Wild!

Your favorite coffees have a secret summer  life.....

Miss Columbia loves to dance till all hours of the night Ole`!
The Medium Brothers love the beach!  "What a perfect piece of Real Estate"!  Who needs sun protection?! Bring it on!!

Italian Roast is a lover not a fighter, it's all about  Amore!
French Roast is very agreeable, Sugar? Milk?  Moi? Oui Oui! 
We love our coffee no matter the time of year, over ice, cold brew or hot with breakfast it's always time for a 
little summer coffee love.
This summer share your coffee love with the   Summer Coffee Lovers Blog Hop and win a  Simply Charming Everyday  International Coffee Junkie Bunkie!

This fun fabric and Junkie Bunkie are also available in a soft turquoise that is perfect for summer fun!  A Misti Zip Bag or Mini Misti Zip Pouch  with matching Bunkie Bag is also being given away!  Come HOP with us and win some fabulous goodies to make this summer your best ever!! Have a Simply Charming Summer! from all of us at Simply Cha…

Bunkie Love

😍 I have a serious case of Bunkie Love!
Welcome to our Show Us Your Bunkie Blog Hop to celebrate the new website forSimply Charming Bags!   Check out the posts from the ladies in the hop to see how they use theirBunkie Bags, leave a comment on all of the blogs and be eligible to win a $20 Gift Certificate toSimply Charming Bagsfor the Bunkie Bag of YOUR choice!  Winner will be announced on Friday, May 26th.  If you have aBunkie Bagof your own, be sure and let us know in the comments what you have in YOUR Bunkie Bag!
Here is my view from our back porch it is my Happy Place :)   There is nothing better than sharing your Happy Place with someone or thing that you love also.

My Blue Fairy Bunkie joins me on the porch every chance I get.  She carries all of the necessary goodies for porch life. Lol, here is everything but bug spray, it's seasonal, 2 Note books, post it's, 2 pair of reading glasses, you never know when you might need to see twice as much :),  my current read, sun glas…

New No Cook Recipe for Fun!

Recipe for Crafter's Delight *

1 Bunkie Bag 

2 Stamp Junkies    Kim Gausman ZumMallen-Pieturezwski 
                              Den Bunkie-Bags
                              Numerous ideas

Assorted Craft Supplies, stamps, 2 different types of tape, inks, glue, pens, pencils, scissors, watercolor pens, cut card stock, energy food (candy bars :) water bottle, wipes, cell phone (to check out Pinterest, Fb, IG and other Junkies) and everything else you can think of that is Not the kitchen sink!
* There is another variation of this recipe coming up too.

1 Cup of genius sprinkled with love
1 Willing Sewist with lots of fun fabric and zippers

Gently mix with early morning and late night ideasand you will have a 

Junkie Bunkie!!

 This bright & colorful Junkie Bunkie behaves just like her sister Bunkie only in a bigger way! She has a lovely zipper to keep your treasures safe and sound, her sides fold down so you can still see what's inside and she holds quite a bit more!  (this…


There is nothing quite like a Celebration!

Terri Burson of Waving My Wand and I have teamed up to invite you to celebrate with us! It's  So Suzy Stamps 3rd Anniversary, Justine Hovey's 1million Views on YouTube and the opening of Simply Charming Everyday's Simply Charming Bags

I am Sponsoring a Celebration give away, of a Mini Misti Zip Pouch in this Party Time Fabric for Justine's Milestone.  Check out her Facebook page to get the full scoop.

So raise your glass, coffee mug or soda can to a toast to these two incredible women and Miss Bunkie Bag!


I Love Blog Hoppin'!

Spring has Sprung and that means the  Spring Coffee Lovers  Blog Hop!

One lucky winner with receive a Spring Coffee Mini Misti Zip Pouch and a Bunkie Bag, or a Misti Zip Bag and a Bunkie Bag! The fabric for this Spring's Blog Hop Misti, Mini Misti Zip Bags and Bunkie was designed by Charlotte Winter at Spoonflower.  I was looking for a unique fabric design and was so happy to have found this!  She is very talented and I love her designs.
I would like to thank all of you who left comments here during the Winter Coffee Lovers Blog Hop. It was so nice to read all of your messages, Coffee Lovers are the best!  I answered every one of them only to find out a month later that none of my messages reached you. I replied to you from the e mail address that your posts were forwarded to from my blog.  Besides feeling devastated and incredibly lame I vowed to answer you here on the blog this year :) 
So please leave a message, not only will you get a note from me, lol, you will get a chance to…

We are going to CHA!!

The Bunkie Blog is going on a  break and will be back on  February 5th, 2017 
CHA is the Craft and Hobby Association, this year their conventions is in Phoenix, Arizona!

Myself, Suzanne of So Suzy Stamps and her Design Team are going to meet up at Phoenix Convention Center Jan 19-23 for classes and a fabulous show of all the new products coming out this year!  It is suppose to be amazing! Suzanne and I went last year in California and it was fun & informative.  We were also exhausted, lol.  I will take some pic to share with you in February.

Just a heads up, If you'd like to place a Custom Order please email me at  Simply Charming  I will get back to you ASAP.

Thanks everyone! See you in February.  Denise