Monday, September 4, 2017

I love BIG family parties!

There are only 2 words that describe the Family, 20,000+ family members, that has the best parties!


It is an honor to be part of such a fun, caring, talented and ever growing family! 

I am pleased to be gifting to a lucky winner a Junkie Bunkie and Misti Zip Bag made from my newest favorite fabric.  It is so much fun to see all of your crafting areas whether it is in one space or all over your house! Crafting cannot be controlled, we all know this, Bunkie and Junkie Bunkie are here to help you have everything you need at a moments notice!

 Hugs to all!! ( I figured it would take 10.5 hours to hug you all if I spent 3 seconds with each of you :) We know in reality it would take a lot longer than this because we Junkies love to visit!

Denise aka Mama

Stamp Junkies: Simply Charming Everyday!!


barbara c said...

Looks so cute..Be great to win them..Thanks for the chance.

Sue LD said...

What pretty fabric!

Kreative Kymona said...

Totally awesome Mama. I love that fabric.

Jen said...

Ahhh, Mama it's gorgeous! And that would be a well spent 10.5 hours...hehehe. Love you!

Lisaerica said...

That material is sooo beautiful! Dainty little flowers and all my favorite colors. These are the colors in my craft room. I'm a everything has to match kinda gal, It couldn't be more perfect. If I had gone to the fabric store I would've picked it myself, lol. I'll tell you everyone needs the Misti zip bag because I'm always super, super careful and somehow it still got a crack on the lid. Can't wait to see the Junkie Bunkie and zip bag all finished. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

Avra Williams said...

Soooo pretty! Do I really have to share your hugs with 20,000 other people?!